Bio-Chopper Green Series

West Feeder.jpg

  •    Guarunteed by two spiralled shafts with convergent windings
  •    The mixing of materials with different rementation degree
  •    Low Noise Level
  •    Designed to customer requirements
  •    Reduces the volume of material
  •    Augers and Body built from special hardwearing steel
  •    Mobile or Static Machines
  •    Low running costs 
  •    Discharge conveyors from 800mm to 3000mm available 

 Rear Discharge Spreader

West Muck Spreader.jpg

  • 23x1x26 Tyres
  • Standard slurry gate
  • Handles all types of material
  • Wide and even spread pattern
  • Sprung action deflector plates
  • Contra-rotation beaters - 400rpm rotor speed
  • In-cab electro/hydraulic operation of bed chair plus reverse facilities
  • Heavy steel construction - 4MM Plate

Diet Feeder

West Feeder 2.png

  • Immediate lateral movement
  • Improved material seperation
  • Improved mix presentation and higher feed out
  • Lower power reqirement
  • Reduced mining time
  • Increased actual mixing capacity

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