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West Machinery

Samurai Unifeed 5 SeriesĀ 

An exclusive range for all needs. The wide range of Chopping-Mixing-Wagons SAMIRAI 5 Series proposes the most complete and versatile solutions for Unifeed preparation in farms with dairy cows, fattening cattle and sheep-and-goat livestock.Thanks to the experience achieved in several years alongside farmers all over the world. We have developed this new line of machines endowed with the most advanced technology, concentrating in them simplicity , strength and reliabiltiy.

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Bio-Chopper Green SeriesĀ 

Seko Composting Machines. Seko Green Series and Green & Compost for chopping and mixing of branches, pruning, sewage sludge,green waste in general, peat, loam etc. Chopping and mixing are basic operations that must be realised through specific equipment. The peculiar characteristics of the Bio-Chopper-Mixers SAM 5 series allow to obtain a balanced dissection and chopping, even of wooden materials, giving the output the characteristics suitable for the micro organisms action. Futhermore, during the chopping process, the material is also actively mixed, a particularly positive fact for two of more kinds of composting products with a different degree of fermentation (for ex. wood and branches are generally little fermentative, whereas grass, the OFMSW - the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes - and zootechnical dejections are very fermentative), The choppin and mixing are performed by the fibre-dissecting action and laceration of two special slow-mothion opposite-rotating spiralled shafts with convergent windings, fitted with original blades and counter-blades favouring the fibre dissecting of wooden products. It is very important that all this process avaoid chips and sawdust production. The presence of a certain share of wood and non-crumbled parts ensures a balanced aeration of the mass. Moreover, a correct porosity enables the exceeding water evaporation, creating in this way an important total reduction of the lump during the composting process.

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Dual Spreaders

West Dual Spreaders are a firm favourite with farmers and contractors alike. The advanced feature of the Dual were recognised as far back as 1982 when it was awarded the Royal Agricultural Society of England GOLD Medal at the Royal Show. Since then many thousands have been sold in the UK. The design of the Dual, bringing the material forward and weight onto the rear of the tractor, ensures confidence and safety in hilly conditions. All types of materials can be handled,From Solid Dung,Slurry,Poultry Manure,Compost and Long Straw Box Manure. The robust build quality and low power requirements have made the West Dual Spreader the market leader with over 50% share in the UK for the last few years.

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