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Hydraulic Folding Rollers

Walter Watsons are one of the most experienced and well known roller manufacturers in the UK for over 45 years. Renowned for the design and production of machines that are not only well constructed but without doubt one of the heaviest on the market. The 6.3m 3 section water ballast flat roller has been designed for maximum flotation and even weight distribution across the full working width. With ever increasing pressure on farmers to get more ground covered in a shorter space of time, the Watson 6.3m flat roll is the ideal solution for the expanding grassland farmer and contractor.

The Watson 6.3m and 8.3m 3 section Cambridge Rollers with the addition of spring tine mounted Shatter Boards reduce cultivation time and cost. The extra weight of the Watson roller complete with Shatter Boards make this machine ideal for preparing a firm seed bed and producing even consolidation. This in turn gives excellent conditions for seed germination.

6.3 Hydraulic Water Ballast Roller

Hydraulic Folding Cambridge Roller

Water Ballast Land Roller

With an ever increasing demand for transporting rollers on the road, Watsons have produced a unique design for an End Tow Hydraulic Land roller which combines manoeuvrability and strength both on the road and in the field. Transfer from transport to rolling position is achieved by using a double acting ram and pivoting drawbars.

The Rear Hydraulic transport design allows rolling width from 8ft to 10ft. Both models have a greasable centre support which enables transportation fully ballasted.

A wide range of standard and tandem roller sizes are available to suit every need.

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Feeding Equipment 

Watsons produce a wide range of silage and meal feeding equipment to suit every farmers need. All equipment is built with the usual robust design and is convenient to incorporate into today’s modern progressive farms.

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