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Compact Range

The compact range has been designed for use behind compact tractors, often used by golf courses and garden centres.

1 Tonne - 1.98m(6'6") long x 1.220m (4') wide with 0.381m (1'3") High sides

2 Tonne - 2.540m (8'4") long x 1.574m (5'2") wide x 0.381mm (1'3") High Sides

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Bale/ Pallet Trailer

Bale and Pallet trailers, also known as flat-bed trailers, are designed for carrying, bales, potato boxes, fertilizer bags and have many other usages.

4 Tonne - 5.484 m (18') Long x 2.465(8'1") Wide

6 Tonne - 6.096m (20') Long x 2.465(8'1") Wide

8 Tonne - 6.705m (22’) Long x 2.465(8'1") Wide

10 Tonne - 7.620m (25') Long x 2.465(8'1") Wide

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Construction Dump Trailer

The most robust version of the dump trailer range, designed for high demand use.

16 Tonne - 4.877m (16’)Long

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