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The Group

The Group


JG Plant Ltd is part of a group company structure which includes Inscapes, which incorporates Southwest Greens UK.

JG Plant Ltd has been trading since 1966 and over the years the business has seen many changes. In 2014 the business integrated with Inscapes operating from Brackla Industrial Estate, Bridgend.

Inscapes is an established sports ground engineering company that specialises in commercial, environmental and landscaping projects. Within the inscapes umbrella is Southwest Greens UK, a company specialising in synthetic chipping and putting greens.

In March 2017 an opportunity became available to purchase an established depot in Hereford from Ravenhill as they had decided to consolidate operations in Scotland. As it is today, JG Plant Ltd continues to operate through association with New Holland, a brand that shares the same values on which the company was built, and offering further opportunities for growth from both branches – Hereford and Bridgend.