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Perfect (Van Wamel)

Flail Mowers

Perfect manufactures flail mowers with working widths from 150 to 460 cm (4'11" to 15'1"). Besides various series flail mowers for use in the 3-point hitch behind the tractor all models, exept the NX-460, are also available for use in the front linkage of the tractor. For farmers, councils, leasers, contractors etc. with different types of tractors we also supply some models with a special headstock that fits both the tractor front- and rear linkage without any transformation.

In the construction of Perfect flail mowers quality comes first. Clients on all continents work for years without significant interference and prove the Perfect flail mowers to be among the best in their class.

Multi & Verge Mowers

For the maintenance of roadside verges, embankments, ditch sides etc. Perfect designed two series of flail mowers with working widths from 150 to 240 cm (4'11" to 7'11") which have been especially designed to do this job, even under the toughest conditions.

The ZW multi mowers have a very large offset possibility and can work both partially behind the tractor as well as fully offset.

Especially for professional use by contractors and leasers Perfect developped the heavy duty verge mowers ZF2.

All “Perfect” multi- and verge mowers are also available as front mounted and/or left hand models.