JG Plant Ltd are the local dealership for Krone Machinery. Krone, manufacturing modern forage harvesting equipment to the highest quality standards and at competitive prices at the small village of Spelle in northern Germany, is committed to continuously push the efficiency of farm machinery to ever higher levels.

It is the right blend of innovation, expertise and customer focus that has made Krone one of the German market leaders and the long-term market leader in disc mowers and round balers.

Disc Mowers



- Side-pull mowers with huge pivoting angle

- Driveshaft powered gears for ultimate efficiency

- Massive spur gears for quiet running and longevity

- Robust and fully welded cutterbar

- Quick-fit blades for quick and easy change (Not available in North        America)

- Pivoting V-shaped steel tines for optimum conditioning



- Side-pull mowers with huge pivoting angle

- Optimum ground pressure from responsive tension springs

- Easy ground pressure adjustment on pins and without tools

- Efficient driveshaft based driveline

- Robust and fully welded cutterbar without inner shoe

- Quick-change blades SafeCut INSIDE – individual disc protection


Front Mounted EasyCut F

- Perfect cuts

- Low tractor input

- Easy handling

- Dependable and long-lasting



Rear Mounted EasyCut R

- Perfect cuts

- Low tractor input

- Easy handling

- Dependable and long-lasting


Trailed Disc Mowers EasyCut

- Side- or mid-mounted drawbar

- Robust and fully welded cutterbar with and massive permanently    lubricated sprockets

- Quick-change blades

- SafeCut INSIDE – impact protection for each individual disc

- SmartCut – blades overlap generously for stripeless cuts

- DuoGrip – double guidance and centre-of-gravity suspension

- Optimum ground pressure control from responsive and adjustable  springs

- Steel tine conditioner with steep angle V-tines

- Roller conditioner with profiled rollers for intensive conditioning

- Cross conveyor belt for variable swath sizes



EasyCut B

- EasyCut B 750, B 890, B 970 without conditioner

- EasyCut B 870 CV and B 1000 CV with steel tine conditioner

- EasyCut B 870 CR and B 1000 CR with roller conditioner

- EasyCut B 870 CV Collect and 870 CR Collect, B 1000 CV Collect and B 1000 CR Collect with  cross conveyor belts

- Robust, yet lightweight design

- Quick-change blades

- SafeCut INSIDE: Individually protected discs

- SmartCut for stripeless cuts

- Combi Float: Uniform pressure across the full work width (Agritechnica Silver Medal)

- Impact damage protection

- Telescoping mower arms

Rotary Tedders



KW - Mounted Rotary Tedders

Three-point mounted models with 4 and 6 rotors

- KW 4.62, KW 5.52, KW 6.02, KW 6.72 and KW 7.82 – working at 4.60 m to 7.80 m (15'1" to 25'7") widths with rotors in various diameters

- Central border spreading facility manual or hydraulic control (option)

- Convenient operation via a single-acting spool

Three-point mounted models With 8 and 10 rotors

- KW 7.92, KW 8.82, KW 10.02, KW 11.22 – working at widths of 7.90 -11.00 m (25'11" - 36'1")

- Small diameter rotors are uniformly spaced for a uniform wilt

- Damper braces with Eladur spring elements enhance smooth rides

- Fold-in end rotors reduce transport height


KWT Trailed Tedders

Models with transport running gear 6 to 10 rotors

- KWT 7.82 / KWT 8.82 / KWT 10.02 / KWT 11.22 
 7.80 m -11.00 m (25'7"- 36'1") work widths

- Sequence control for maximum operator comfort

- Pivoting running gear enhances weight distribution

KWT 1600, KWT 2000

- These machines work at widths of staggering 16 / 20 metres (52'6"  / 65'7") – in every single pass

- Excellent spread pattern from small-diameter rotors

- Heavy-duty beams


KW-T Trailed Rotary Mowers

Trailed models with 4 and 6 rotors

- KW 5.52 T, KW 7.82 T 
 5.50 m-7.80 m (18'1" - 25'7") work widths

- Minimum input requirement 
 No load is taken off the tractor’s front axle

- Easy tractor attachment/removal

- Hydraulic pivoting drawbar moves conveniently into transport position

Trailed models 12 to 14 rotors

- KW 13.02 T / KW 15.02 T 
 Wide 13.10 m-15.25 m (43'-50') working widths

- Uniform spread, small diameter rotors

- Quiet castering with damper braces

- Maintenance-free OctoLink finger clutches

- Maintenance-free, liquid-grease lubricated gearboxes


Rotary Rakes


Single Rotor Rakes

Swadro 35 | 38 | 42 | 46

Three-point hitch single-rotor rakes

- Standard tandem axle and flotation tyres

- Stepless work width control for a consistently high-quality forage

- The jockey wheel in the middle guides the rotor in undulating fields

Swadro 38 T | 42 T | 46 T

Trailed single-rotor rakes

- Wide working width

- Low power input

- Parallel-linkage controlled drawbar

- Standard tandem axle and 18" tyres



Twin Rotor Side Delivery Rakes

- Perfect for single and double-windrow presentation as well as two windrows

- Easy handling on the headland and high rotor lift-out

- Very compact transport position



Twin Rotor Centre Delivery 

- Variable work widths plus individual rotor lift-out

- Adjustable running gear for flexible track widths and big tyres

- Easy handling on the headland and great lift-out heights


The Side Delivery Rake with 3 Rotors

- 9.70 m (31'10") work width for highest work rates

- Height control via electric servomotors

- Transport running gear for high operator comfort

- Cardanic suspension for optimum contouring

- The KRONE Jet Effect



Trailed Four Rotor Centre Delivery Rakes

- Variable, up to 13.50 m (44'4") work widths

- Convenient handling from a choice of KRONE operator terminals or an existing in-cab ISOBUS terminal.

- Foldable tines (Swadro 1400) or a hydraulically lowering running gear (Swadro 1400 Plus) reduce the  transport height to less than 4 m (13'2")


Trailed Six Rotor Centre Delivery Rakes

- Variable, up to 19.00 m (62'4") work widths

- Variable, up to 3.00 m (9'10") windrow widths

- Intelligent transport wheel steering

Round Balers


Krone Ultima - Non Stop Baler Wrapper

- The world’s first non-stop baler wrapper operates
 fully automatically

- Bales, wraps and unloads the bale on the move

- Produces up to 50 % more bales per hour

- Achieves highest bale densities through its special
 pre-compression technology

- Offers superior operator comfort and automatic processes

- Employs Tractor Implement Management (TIM) technology for
 a smooth crop flow and firm bales, with the baler controlling
- the tractor’s forward speed

- Has its own on-board hydraulic system

- Produces variable 1.25 m - 1.50 m (4'1"- 4'11") diameter bales

- Offers versatile use in silage, hay and straw

- Features a hydraulic artic drawbar for better ground clearance


KRONE BELLIMA F125.jpg Krone Bellima F125 | F130

- An enclosed baling chamber reduces fragmentation and controls the development of dust

- An endless chain-and-slat elevator
– excels in silage, hay and straw
– eliminates the risk of bale stops
– produces high-density and well-shaped bales
– achieves high bale weights

- Low input requirement

- Low dead weight

- Low in maintenance and long service life thanks to a simple design

- Few and short-length drive chains

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