JG Plant Ltd are the local dealership for Abbey Machinery. Abbey Machinery is Ireland's longest established manufacturer of agricultural machinery and is also one of the largest in Ireland today. The Cavanagh family started a very successful foundry business in Abbey Lane, Nenagh over 110 years ago.

Fertilzer Spreaders


Polyester fibre glass hopper, easy removal of hopper facilities, heavy duty frame and quick attach system on all models. Range of extensions available up to 1450L capacity.

Simple manual adjuster with infinite graduated adjustments for required applications. Anti-corrosive stainless steel fixed and rotating disc. Oscillating agitator ensures even flow of material, easy adjustment of spreading width, a co-efficient of variation of 5% is achievable.

Muck Spreaders, side and rear discharge

abbey muck spreader.png

Abbey Machinery manufacture the most complete range of side spreaders on the market today with sizes ranging from 4 cubic yards to 15.5 cubic yards.

The Abbey side spreader is one of the leading side spreaders available with the ability to handle a wide range of manure from solid to slurry.

The Abbey side spreader range is built with increased chassis support to lend maximum support, strength and durability to the drum.  The drive line of the Abbey side spreader is unequaled by any other in today's market.  The use of a splined shaft on the seamless rotor for chain driving, give maximum strength.  The heavy duty spreading chassis is anchored to the seamless heavy duty rotor tube in spiral formation allowing for the optimum spreading pattern to be achieved.  Heavy duty bearings are fitted on each end of the rotor away from the manure to extend the life of the bearings.

Paddle Mixers


The proven Abbey Mixer/feeder range are now well recognised for their many distinctive characteristics; superior mixing qualities, even distribution, strength and reliability.

They are a popular choice of many leading farms and farming institutions in Ireland and other European countries.

  • Easy drive 55-60hp
  • 4 point weight system with the programmable Digistar box (Very durable & Reliable) (EZ3400)
  • 6mm wall + ends
  • Angled paddles bring feed to the front
  • Chops straw
  • Double chassis design
  • Easy drive machine – using angled paddles to produce the most consistent and digestible total mix ratio of any paddle machine on the market.

Vertical Mixer Feeder range


The Abbey vertical auger mixer is one of the best on the market providing unique mixing ability with inherent build quality thus providing the customer with  unique added value on investment. The Abbey vertical diet feeder range is available in 3 different options - single auger, twin auger and tri-auger.  Models have capacities ranging from 7 cubic metres up to 33 cubic metres with a host of feed-out options.

Tankers and Super Tankers.


The Abbey slurry tanker range consists of the most extensive range of models and sizes available for today’s customer with each tanker comprising of key specifications that make the Abbey Tanker the best on the market today.

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