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In one single day, you sometimes need to clean out stalls, feed cattle, handle bales, prepare silage, dig out a pond or look for a calf in a field. A Manitou will provide you with a Swiss knife of tools for your activity, with one single machine and a range of attachments.



MLT 737-130 PS+

Length: 4.97m | Engine: Deutz

Width: 2.39m | Power: 129ch

Height: 2.38m | Lifting Capacity: 3700kg

Weight: 7700kg | Lifting Height: 6.90m


MLT 625 75 H

Length: 3.9m | Engine: Kubota

Width: 1.81m | Power: 75ch

Height: 2m | Lifting Capacity: 2500kg

Weight: 4922kg | Lifting Height: 5.9m 

MLT 629 20.jpg

 MLT 629 20"

Length: 4.83m | Engine: Perkins

Width: 2m | Lifting Capacity: 2900kg

Height: 2.21m | Lifting Weight: 5.50m

Weight: 6025kg


 MLT 629 20" C

Length: 4.83m | Engine: Perkins

Width: 2m | Power: 104m

Height: 2.21m | Lifting Capacity: 2900kg

Weight: 6025kg | Lifting Height: 5.5m


MLT 629 24"

Length: 4.83m | Engine: Perkins

Width: 2.16m | Power: 104ch 

Height: 2.3m | Lifting Capacity: 2900kg

Weight: 6225kg | Lifting Height: 5.55m


MLT 1040-145 PS

Length: 5.17m | Engine: John Deere

Width: 2.39m | Power: 141ch

height: 2.38m | Lifting Capacity: 4000kg 

Weight: 8890kg | Lifting Height: 9.6m


MT 1135 HA

Length: 5.37m | Engine: Perkins

Width: 2.28m | Power: 102ch 

Height: 2.42m | Lifting Capacity: 3500kg

Weight: 8900kg | Lifting Height: 11.05m


MHT 790

Length: 5.27m | Engine: John Deere

Width: 2.47m | Power: 141ch

Height: 2.47m | Lifting Capacity: 9000kg

Weight: 13160kg | Lifting Height: 6.84m

Rotating Telehandlers


MRT 1640 Easy

Length: 1640 | Engine: Perkins

Width: 2.4m | Power: 101ch 

Height: 2.97m | Lifting Capacity: 15.8m

Weight: 13000kg | Lifting Height: 15.8m


MRT - X 2550 Privilege Plus

Length: 7.84m | Engine: Mercedes 

Width: 2.49m | Power: 150ch 

Height: 3.05m | Lifting Capacity: 4999kg

Weight: 18900kg | Lifting Height: 24.7m

Masted Forklift Trucks


M 26-2

Length: 3.49m | Engine: Perkins 

Width: 1.9m | Power: 75ch

Height: 2.73m | Lifting Capacity: 2600kg

Weight: 5089kg


MH 24 2 B/FT4 

Length: 2.95m | Engine: Kubota

Width: 1.45m | Lifting Capacity: 2500kg 

Height: 2.1m | Weight: 4260kg


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