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Market-leading Telehandlers

Manitou is a leading name in agricultural telehandlers, offering specialised solutions for cereal growers, livestock farmers, poultry farmers, market gardeners and equestrian centres.

A Manitou MLT telehandler is like the swiss army knife of the agricultural world. The many available attachments include forks, buckets, hooks, grabs and clamps, all of which can be changed in seconds thanks to Manitou’s ECS (Easy Connect System). This decompresses the hydraulic attachment line without even turning off the engine, making it quick and easy to change your hydraulic attachments.

All Manitou machines are designed for cost-efficiency, saving you up to 5% on fuel costs and 15% on maintenance costs. Operator comfort is built around great ergonomics, a near-silent cabin with easy access and superb visibility.

Tier 4 engines ensure compliance with the most stringent emissions standards and there’s a choice of transmissions.

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Rotating Telehandlers

The MRT 3050 Privilege Plus is a rotating telehandler designed to handle heavy loads on construction and industrial work sites. Powerful and efficient, it can precisely place and remove loads at 360° at heights of up to 30 m from a single, stationary point. The 5-point boom works together with the hydrostatic transmission so you have amazing precision when steering the boom for increased productivity.

And with a large driver's cab capable of accommodating all shapes and sizes, an inclining seat, ergonomic controls and excellent visibility, the MRT 3050 Privilege Plus makes working days all the more manageable. Its all-terrain traction makes it the perfect machine regardless the ground conditions you're up against: obstacles, rugged and hard terrain all pose no problem.

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Masted Forklift Trucks

A versatile forklift truck with unrivalled efficiency, regardless of the ground conditions. It comes equipped with 4-wheel drive and a generous ground clearance, so uneven terrain won't be a problem. Both compact and powerful, you can store and handle loads of up to 2.5 tonnes even in cluttered environments.

The spacious suspended driver's cab keeps you comfortable to reduce the effects of fatigue over shifts. Access is made easier with both sides opening up and a larger handle grip whilst the relatively low bottom step makes climbing into the driver's seat a breeze.

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Manitou offer a wide variety of original, homologated attachments for its telehandlers and forklift trucks.

Being a producer of telehandlers and attachments, Manitou has the technical knowledge, the practical experience and the required facilities to control and ensure perfect efficiency of each attachment + machine pairing. Manitou applies a demanding internal procedure that leads to the homologation of each attachment + machine pairing. This unique procedure brings guaranteed safety and unbeatable efficiency. Choosing a homologated original Manitou attachment and respecting Manitou's compatibilities, you can be sure you'll get the best of your machine, making no compromise with safety and staying in line with the European regulation.

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