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Chain Harrow CH

This is a simple harrow - a chain ‘web’ which is towed across a paddock. On the underside of the harrow are blunt tines which comb through the grass, removing dead grass and scarifying the surface.

Harrows are also useful if you’re seeding a paddock: harrow thoroughly; sow the seed: roll the surface with a Ballast Roller to firm the seed into the soil.

Harrowing is also sometimes used to disperse droppings over a wide area, thus preventing the grass beneath becoming sour and unpalatable, but it is definitely not a substitute for removal of the droppings, because of the implications for pest and parasite control. Advice on harrowing droppings is available from the BHS in their Pasture Management document.

The Logic Contact 2000 range

the most advanced and efficient weed wiper (weed licker) system available. It has been designed to be towed behind an ATV or other suitable farm vehicle and the chemical supply pump is powered by the towing vehicle's 12V electrics. The 60 litre supply tank will carry sufficient chemical (20:1 water:chemical ratio) to treat a very large area, simply because only the targeted weeds come into contact with the chemicals. The work rate for a single 2.5m unit is between 4 and 7 acres per hour depending on terrain. A unique, contra-rotating brush ensures that each weed plant is liberally coated with chemical, ensuring rapid and effective weed control while at the same time eliminating chemical wastage and leaving untargeted plants such as valuable grass and clover untouched. Huge chemical savings can be achieved using Contact 2000 compared with conventional blanket spraying along with the added environmental benefits.

Multi Feeder LMF

The Logic Multi-feeder is used when feeding stock outdoors. Its unique features make it not only the best mechanical sheep feeder and cattle feeder available but also the quality and robustness of its design and construction ensures it will outlast any other towed mechanical feeder.

Anyone feeding stock outdoors will benefit from a Logic Multi-feeder. Logic introduced the original ‘Snacker’ (Snacka) more than twenty years ago and since then the design has often been copied but never beaten. The Logic Snacker was developed and improved and became the Logic Multi-feeder. The very simple, robust electrical system which operates the drop mechanism gives the Logic Multi-feeder the huge advantage of being able to drop piles of food a minimum of 10 feet apart which means the animals have plenty of space to feed. This is especially useful for feeding cattle but offers the same benefits when feeding sheep.

Flail Mower/Topper MFP

Like the Logic rotary mower, the ATV flail mower range is ideal for maintaining the optimum height of grass in paddocks to suit your requirements. Regular topping of paddocks during the growing season will provide good grazing during the summer months as well as protection for the paddock surface during the winter. Topping also helps stop any weeds developing.

The flail mower really comes into its own when there are further requirements such as mowing on uneven ground eg.verges and banks or mowing on rough ground eg. woodland paths/rides (the Forestry Commission being one of our many customers).


Logic trailers were the first products to become the ‘Trademark’ of the company. The design continues to stand the test of time using innovative manufacturing techniques which embody a unique balance of strength with minimum unladen weight, thereby greatly improving the fuel efficiency of the towing vehicle.

Standard Features

· All-welded monocoque construction to provide maximum strength with minimum unladen weight · Galvanised for long term protection

· Swivel hitch for Health and Safety compliance

· Unique balance of strength to unladen weight for longevity and economy

Poultry Chick Feeder 

Whenever game needs to be fed with flowable feed, such as grains or pellets, Logic game feeders provide the perfect solution. Two model types are available either on board, which is mounted on an ATV or a trailed version for larger enterprises. All logic game feeders incorporate an output shut off facility ensuring feed does not drop when not in operation. This keeps valuable birds in the right areas and ensures food does not spill when traveling on roads.

The logic chick feeder has been developed to lay out feed in broiler and other poultry houses. This process speeds up the changeover between batches whilst allowing maximum drying time and rest period after cleaning, improving throughput and profitability. It features an integrated adjustable paper holder which dispenses paper whilst laying out feed at the same time. It is remotely controlled from the drivers seat and has a capacity of 356 litres which can be increased to 625 litres with extension sides.

Bale Trailer 

The logic LBT bale trailer with its unique dual pivot system has been designed to self-load, carry and unload bales of straw, hay and haylage, max load 600kg

Standard Features

· 600 kg capacity

· Low ground pressure tyres (23 x 10.5 - 12)

· 50mm swivel ball hitch

· Bale winch

· Cradle tipping mechanism