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Kverneland's plough range consists of ploughs of all types and sizes - from the small 2 furrow plough to the biggest, most advanced, trailed, articulated reversible 12 furrow plough.

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Seedbed Cultivators 

Kverneland TLG - Heavy-duty precision cultivator: optimum seedbed preparation for sugar beets, potatoes and vegetables.

Kverneland Access + - Seedbed harrow in working widths from 3.00 to 4.00m for the combination with heavy seed drills.

Kverneland TLD - Vibro-cultivator - Excellent weight distribution, precise depth control and optimum ability to follow to ground contours for a perfect seedbed in all types of soil.

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Pneumatic Seed Drills

The greatest challenge facing agricultural producers today is how to produce food in constant quantities, at the lowest possible price, but at a consistent high quality. Today’s farmer's face many demands. If farmers are to survive in the market despite fluctuating demand, rising costs, an often uncertain legal situation and unpredictable weather conditions, two things are essential: careful planning and reliable technology.

Kverneland has been a reliable partner of the farmer for over 60 years. As a pioneer, the company is continually setting new standards in agricultural technology – to help maximise your profits! Perfect seeding is the first step to high yields. Mistakes made at this early stage are difficult to correct, poor seeding can reduce your yields even before the crop emerges from the soil. The pneumatic seeding technology of Kverneland meets these challenges and guarantees a tailor made precise seeding operation for a great variety of crops with optimum seed distribution and seed placement.

Decades of engineering experience and the competence proven by sales of over 50,000 units of the Kverneland Pneumatic Distribution System, are all part of the products. Moreover, Kverneland lives up to its slogan "based on practical experience - for the practical application".

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Disc Mowers 

With the introduction of the latest mower and mower conditioner models, Kverneland offers a complete range of highly efficient products, renewed entirely within recent years.

Considerable devotion to the development of innovative high quality products, founded on extensive insight into customer expectations, allows us to offer machines suitable for any mowing operation.

The Kverneland ingenuity enables us to offer several unique features, which all have been developed to make machine operation as simple and effective as possible.

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