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Rear Mounted Disc Mowers AM-S/ AM-CV

AM - The Working Formula

Perfect in all conditions - KRONE disc mowers evolved from a sustained cooperation among farmers, scientists and developers. The linkage system is compact, low in weight and swings the mower through a large angle up and down, providing AM excellent ground contour following and adaptation to hilly terrain.

Constant-velocity and high-power driveline - Drive power flows through a frictional driveline of pto shafts and gears, a system that warrants an efficient transfer of power from the tractor down to the cutterbar discs – even in difficult conditions.

Absolutely safe - The KRONE break-back system relies on an adjustable coil spring, which responds instantly and dependably and allows the mower to swing back and up when impacting a foreign object.

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Rear-Mounted Disc Mowers - ActiveMow

The Ultimate Mowing Experience  

Easily accessible - The deck folds up to give easy access to all components for cleaning and convenient blade replacement.

On-board storage box - The on-board drawer holds spare blades and keeps the cab clutter-free.

Gentle on the sward - The extremely wide skids are fabricated from hardened boron steel to minimize the ground pressure and give enhanced contour following and cutterbar protection. The skids are bolted to the cutterbar and are easy to replace.

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Front/ Rear-Mounted EasyCut F

EasyCut - Uniquely Krone

The KRONE EasyCut R and F disc mowers provide the cleanest and most accurate cuts. Fully welded and permanently lubricated, the cutterbar shows no leaks and no deformations even after many years of service. Its massive and oilimmersed spur gears impress by very quiet and reliable running under constant peak loading. And of course quick-change blades and the SafeCut cutterbar protection system are standard specification.

Interlocking effectively - Large-diameter gears with truncated teeth offer the benefit of interlocking a larger number of teeth at any one time, thereby transferring the power more efficiently.

Leak proof and robust - To meet the highest quality standards we use advanced robot welding and CNC technology in the manufacture of our fully welded and permanently lubricated cutterbars. After all, the cutterbar is at the heart of every disc mower.

No inner shoe - The cutterbar is driven by a right-angle gearbox, which is arranged right behind the inner top hat – for blockagefree operation on the headland and in awkwardly shaped fields.

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Trailed Disc Mowers EasyCut

The trailed EasyCut disc mowers from KRONE meet a wide variety of needs and requirements which vary by country, region and harvest chain. KRONE provides an extensive product range that offers the largest choice of equipment so you can to fi nd the model and specifi cation that is customized to your individual needs and requirements, for example by opting for the conditioner with V-shaped steel tines and wide distribution hood, the CRi roller conditioner, the cross conveyor belt or the hydraulic swath boards.

  • Versatile and flexible in the field
  • Variable specification
  • Heavy-duty build Delivering to farmers‘ needs

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Rotary Tedders

KRONE offers an extensive range of high-quality and dependable rotary tedders for tedding wilted silage and hay crops. These machines stand out for high-quality work and plenty of innovations such as the maintenance-free OctoLink finger clutches and liquid grease rotor drives.

KW - Mounted Rotary Tedder

KWT - Trailed Tedder with Running Gear

KW-T - Trailed Rotary Tedder

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Rotary Rakes 

Better and Faster

This product range lines up 1 to 6-rotor machines and thus has the right machine for every application. The KRONE Jet Effect avoids crop contamination and damage to the turf. Swadro is the name for absolutely clean swaths and high-quality forage.

KRONE Rakes with Lift Tines

The specialty about these is the fact that they are angled in two different positions. This optimized design brings special advantages which have been explored in field trials by KRONE and verified by a DLG test.

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