portable gen.pngPortable 

They are super-quiet generators you can use anywhere. Great for camping and caravanning, they provide clean, reliable electricity in extremely remote locations. They're nice and light too – so you don’t have to use a lot of your own energy to carry them.

endurance gen.pngEndurance

Endurance generators are your best friends in the industrial and commercial workplace. They’re tireless workhorses – made tough for tough environments and they’re the first choice for heavy outdoor use.

manoeuverable high tech.pngManoeuverable High Tech 

For home or office back up, a Manoeuvrable high-tech generator provides clean, stable electricity for sensitive technical equipment. It’s equivalent in quality to what you’ll get from your mains, and you’ll even have enough power to keep your air conditioning going. Best of all, you probably won’t even hear it going.

Endurance high performance.pngEndurance High Performance 

These generators are robust and reliable. They have the latest GX engines and they’re quieter than ever. With Honda’s very own voltage output technology you can trust them to run sensitive power tools safely for hours.

Endurance high tech.pngEndurance High Tech

Endurance high-tech generators are perfect for home back up. The power they provide is good quality, and it’s ideal for sensitive technical equipment such as computers and TVs – and is also suitable for powering hospitality units.


 Water Pumps


A compact water pump for around the home.When you need strong and reliable water pressure, our Lightweight pumps will get the job done.



High pressure.png

High Pressure 

Specially designed to force out a large flow rate and high levels of pressure, our High pressure water pumps are perfect for pushing water a long way.


High flow rate.pngHigh Flow Rate

For professionals up against it, our High flow rate water pumps have commercial features for moving large amounts of water – fast.



High flow rate trash.pngHigh Flow Rate-Trash 

The prime choice when handling water filled with solids, our Trash pumps are ideal for messy jobs and dirty water.



High flow rate chemical.pngHigh Flow Rate Chemical 

The prime choice when handling water filled with solids, our Trash pumps are ideal for messy jobs and dirty water.



Power carriers

Power carrier.pngOur Power carriers take the backache out of shifting heavy materials. Helping reduce work-related injuries, they take a load off your mind too.



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  • Honda Industrial 

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