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Harvest Equipment

The farming technology of tomorrow

Since 1895, New Holland is committed to providing solutions that improve farming efficiency and productivity by using accessible technology. In 2006 the Clean Energy Leader strategy was launched for the active promotion of renewable fuels, emissions reduction systems and sustainable agricultural technology. New Holland offers cash crop producers, livestock farmers, contractors, vineyards and groundcare professionals the largest choice of easy-to-operate tractors, harvesters and material handling equipment: more than 80 product lines and over 300 models. New Holland complements the widest agricultural equipment offering in the world with efficient Parts and Service support and a range of tailored financial services from a specialist in agriculture. An approachable and professional global dealer network always guarantees total assistance and expert advice season after season. Close to customers in all fields, New Holland is the reliable partner of each farmer.

FR Forage cruiser

Massive performance.

New Holland has been at the forefront of the forage harvesting sector for over half a century with a whole host of pioneering industry firsts that have revolutionised the way you forage today. The all new, range topping FR920, takes New Holland foraging to a new level. Industry leading chopping performance has been married to outstanding operator comfort. Significantly improved capacity and productivity result from optimized feeding performance, which are all wrapped up in a sleek and tapered design which has New Holland written all over it.

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New TC. Great looks. Brilliant performance.

New Holland launched the TC combine series in 1992. Our priorities then are the same as they are today. To produce a combine that delivers dependable performance in varied crops and conditions. But now we offer so much more to include considerably greater output without compromise in straw or sample quality. Then there is the all-new Harvest Suite™ Comfort Cab. This sets new and class leading levels of comfort and visibility. Of equal importance, a wide specification choice means there is a model to match your specific needs. New TC series combines: proven dependability and outstanding performance match modern comfort and style. 

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CX5 & CX6 - Tier 4B

Unique to all fields.

The new CX5 & CX6 5 and 6-strawwalker combine series delivers unique features and performance in every field of harvesting as well in every field to harvest. The new Harvest Suite™ Deluxe cab treats you to a memorable driving and harvesting experience, day and night. Features such as the Smart Sieve™ self-levelling shoe and the Autofloat™ system, plus Laterale and Hillside versions, are your ace-in-the-hole on uneven or hilly terrain. Thanks to its sectional concave, Opti-Thresh™ and Multi-Thresh™ systems, unique Opti-Speed™ straw walker technology and Opti-Fan™ system, you get top flexibility to cope with any condition. And with four-drum threshing technology and the exclusive Triple-Clean™ cascaded cleaning shoe, delivering up to 15% more cleaning capacity, unique grain sample quality is guaranteed, whatever the crop.

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CX7 & CX8 Tier 4B

Targets achieved.

The New Holland CX range has defined super conventional combine harvesting since its launch in 2001, and over 15,000 machines are testament to its enduring success. The CX7 & CX8 range delivers super-sized productivity and has further elevated its already impressive capacity. Prepare yourselves for a ground-breaking industry first: Opti-Speed™ auto-adaptive variable speed strawwalkers for tailored separation excellence. Together with acclaimed features such as SmartTrax™, Opti-Fan™, Opti-Clean™ and Opti-Spread™ technology, your harvest is in safe hands.

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CR Revelation

Harvest supremacy.

The range topping 700hp(CV) FPT Industrial Cursor 16 Diesel Engine of the Year 2014, powering the CR10.90, delivers efficient power and when combined with advanced harvesting technology, including IntelliSteer® auto guidance, you can harvest around the clock. The adjustable Dynamic Flow Control™ rotor vanes mean their position can be changed on the go in response to changing crop conditions, which can result in up to 20% higher productivity. The standard deep cut Dynamic Feed Roll™, with integrated dynamic stone protection, regulates crop flow into the machine to facilitate smoother threshing. The CR, keeps going as long as you do.

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BC 5000

Perfect for your straw of hay operation.

Since the introduction of round bales and more importantly large square bales, most of today’s straw and hay is baled into larger packages. However, for a number of farming and leisure related activities, small rectangular bales are still the ideal solution. They can be handled manually and high quality fodder used in the equine industry is very well conserved in small rectangular bales. New Holland, historically the first brand in small rectangular balers, today offers two new models that have the right features for your hay and straw operations.

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BR 6000

A baler for every task.

New Holland offers two models of Roll-Bar™ Balers: the Model BR6080 and the Model BR6090. The dimensions of the bale they produce are the same which means that the difference is determined by your specific requirements: the number of bales you have to roll, the width of the swaths or windrows, the use of the bales for silage, hay or bedding purposes or your need to pack the silage as quickly as possible after rolling.

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Change your bailing style.

New Holland has led the Roll-Belt baler segment for over 25 years, and has introduced a string of pioneering firsts that have revolutionised the way variable chamber balers operate today. Over 235,000 Roll-Belt balers are working around the globe in the expert hands of farmers and contractors to bring the harvest home. The latest generation is set to redefine round baling with advanced Roll-Belt technology that can improve capacity by up to 20% and density by up to 5%. What’s more, operators can select between a 150cm or 180cm maximum bale size to suit their individual needs. The Roll-Belt baler will also captivate the eye with its distinctive sweeping lines, which add a touch of class to every baling operation.

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Big Baler

New bigbaler. No speed limit.

New Holland has led the big baler segment for over 25 years, introducing a string of pioneering firsts that have revolutionised big baling the world over. Owners will be spoilt for choice in terms of bale size, from 80x70cm through to the largest 120x90cm. Ultimate baling performance is guaranteed in all crops, both conventional and emerging crops. Hay and forage operations’, straw contractors’, biomass business’ and large scale arable farmers’ heads will be won over by up to a 20% capacity increase and up to 5% density improvement, whilst their hearts will beat a little faster when they see the elegant lines of this true harvesting professional.

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