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Pioneering innovative design in engineering since the late 1800's, Bomford have always been the leaders in their field.

Bomford's machinery range is conceived, designed, built and tested on site, quite literally steel sheet, bars and box sectioned steel are delivered to the factory at one end and the finished article is delivered at the other. All Bomford manufactured machines are powder coated to ensure maximum durability of the exterior finish that matches its inner strength, to give long machine life and reduced overall operating cost to the user.

Arm Mowers

Bomford Arm Mowers provide a vast choice in both specification and budget.

Starting from the smallest compact tractor to large watercourse management models, there is a model for every landscape. Machines are built to the highest standards in our UK factory with the utmost care and attention given to ease of control and operator comfort.

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Flail Mowers & Toppers

Bomford Turner offer a range of flail mowers and rotary toppers from simple grounds-care machines to agricultural-industrial mowers for municipal and airport landscape maintenance.

These machines are built with straightforward objectives: quality, function, value and robust design. The simple operation of the products in this range also ensures customer satisfaction every time.

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Flailbot is Bomford's wirelessly operated track mower for challenging terrains that offers the ultimate remotely controlled mowing capability with zero operator risk.

Covering challenging, steeply inclined terrain with a traditional man-on-board power mower puts a driver at risk. Remotely controlled wirelessly, Flailbot provides ultimate mowing capability whilst keeping the operator at a safe distance.

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