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The Alpego philosophy has always been geared toward the research and development of technological and organizational innovations: all this can be recapped in the concept of “transmitting the maximum value”.

The value of the implements does not only come from the materials they are made of, but also from the passion and work of the women and men working in Alpego.

Therefore, the Alpego improvement grows necessarily with the improvement of the people who work at Alpego.

Rotary Tillers

The whole range of ALPEGO Rotary Cultivators features the patented “CENTRAL DRIVE GEAR BOX” made of solid GEARS (no belts, no chains!)

The innovation and uniqueness of the ALPEGO Rotary Cultivator concept consists on the central transmission that drives the spinning torque from the PTO to the two half rotors through solid gears. This guarantees maximum reliability and less torque dispersion. Another advantage is the absence of the lateral transmission and therefore a reduction of the overall width.

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Power Harrows

For many years now power harrows have been the most versatile implements for soil cultivation, thank to the fact that they adapt to any type of soil and situation. Moreover, the possibility of combining them to seed-drills offers a profi table solution for seed-drill operation as well.

Both folding and rigid power harrows combined with the mechanical or pneumatic ALPEGO seed-drills become the ideal tool geared toward a reduction of costs and of the working times.


The range of cultivators provide high versatility, ideal both for mixing the residue in the top layer of the soil and for its complete interment.

The products within the range of Cultivators are the following:

  • Cayman CA
  • Cayman CB
  • Cayman CC