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Bale Handling

The Albutt Bale Handling range has been designed to provide a ‘heavy duty’ solution to handling all bale types. The F301, F352 and F450 wrapped bale handlers all feature wrap protecting faces, high capacity cylinders and wide openings for use a variety of round and square bales. Square straw bales can be moved with the Albutt range of flat bale grabs, featuring casted claws and heavy duty frames for contractors and farmers alike. All Albutt Bale Handlers are available with bolt on brackets.

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The Albutt Bucket manufacturing ethos is to build up to a quality, not down to a price. From the standard rehandling bucket range, right through to the ultimate ‘OPTIMUS-8’ heavy duty range, each model is expertly designed to suit the materials hander it will be fitted to. Albutt have been manufacturing buckets for over 40 years and have gained the reputation of being the European leader for build quality and design.

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From Fork and Grabs to Push off Buckrakes, Albutt offer a solution to any handling requirements. Fork and Grabs stand alone in features and specification, from ram and pin protecting grab stops, to the number of tines featured, Albutt Grabs are rarely trumped in design highlights. For working the clamp, Albutt again show the way with their market leading Push off buckrakes and high capacity Folding Forks. Built upon ultra-high strength Hardox tines, both are used the world over. 

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