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JG Plant Ltd are the local dealership for Abbey Machinery. Abbey Machinery manufacturers a wide range of agricultural machines which includes slurry & manure handling equipment, grassland management equipment and a range of animal feeding equipment.

Abbey Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader

Polyester hopper with easy removal of hopper facilities, heavy duty frame and quick attach system on all models. Range of extensions available up to 1450L capacity. Simple manual adjuster with infinite graduated adjustments for the required applications to maximise grass growth. Anti-corrosive stainless steel fixed and rotating disc. Oscillating agitator which ensures even flow of material, easy adjustment of spreading width with a co-efficient of variation of 5% is achievable.

  • Polyester hopper – no rust or corrosion – allows a smooth delivery to the spreading unit
  • Easy removal of hopper facilitates routine cleaning and maintenance of spreader.
  • Heavy duty frame on all machines with quick attach system on all models.
  • Range of extensions available up to 1450L capacity.
  • Oil filled gearbox built from modular graphite cast housing and hardened bevelled gears ensures years of trouble free running.
  • PTO drive incorporates shear bolt protection.
  • Slow moving agitator prevents grinding of the fertiliser and delivers a consistent flow through the outlets in the stainless steel base.

Abbey Slurry Tanker

The Abbey Machinery Slurry Tanker range caters for the ‘Total Cow’ by handling the waste product in an economic and environmentally way. It consists of the most extensive range of tanker models and sizes available for today’s farm and contracting customer. Each tanker comprises of key specifications that make the Abbey Machinery Tanker the best suited tanker to meet the demanding customer needs. The Abbey tanker consists of 5 range options;

  • Standard Tanks 900 – 2000
  • Premium Recess Tanks 1600-2000
  • Premium Plus Recess Tanks 1600-3000
  • Tandem Tanks 2000-4500
  • Tridem Tanks 3000-7000

Paddle Feeder 

The proven Abbey Mixer/feeder range are now well recognised for their many distinctive characteristics; superior mixing and feed preparation qualities; even distribution; strength and unrivalled reliability. They are a popular choice on many leading farms and farming institutions in Ireland, Europe and other countries. The Abbey Paddle mixing action concentrates on the use of individually angled paddle arms connected to a single rotor, rotating and moving all the feed material gently forward and backwards, lifting the feed material around the machine – within minutes this action creates a light fluffy open textured ration. This unique design ensures that even the smallest ingredients is uniformly distributed throughout the mix, while maintaining a low HP requirements.

  • Low Horse requirement with the 'Easy drive' 55-60hp Gearbox.
  • Angled paddles bring feed to the front and back creating an optimum mix.

AP Side Spreader

The Abbey AP multi spreader range has no rivals for either strength or design. The large diameter heavy duty auger is specially designed to create an even flow of material without clogging. The well-constructed drum improves the flow of material, the base of which is fitted with a double skin to provide years of use. It precisely spreads broiler manure, mushroom compost, mulch, semi-solids, slurries and factory waste with equally good results.

  • This heavy duty drive is simple, reliable and easily accessible when routine maintenance is required. Discharge rotor is fitted with shear bolt as standard.
  • Rotor Fitted to the right hand side of the Spreader.
  • Door open/close indicator is clearly visible from the tractor cab.
  • Reversible Gear box Standard